Coin Cleaning Diamond-Dust SET OF 3 PINS Extremely fine.

Ancient Coins - Coin Cleaning Diamond-Dust SET OF 3 PINS Extremely fine.
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SET OF THREE DIAMOND-DUST PINS for ancient coin cleaning (save $10. Regular price $12 ea.) 

One straight pin, one pointy pin, one round pin.

Extremely fine: Yellow band.

—Highest possible quality, extremely fine grit diamond-dust pin. Most pins in the market are NOT fit for coin cleaning, as they are very coarse (despite having yellow bands and being described as "very fine"), and will damage the metal and the patina.


—This is the best possible diamond-dust pin for cleaning ancient coins. Virtually unbreakable shaft. The grit is fine enough for gently filing away the dirt without damaging the metal or the patina, as long as the cleaning is done properly.

—The proper use of this pin is detailed in my coin cleaning manual: Click HERE to download my Method for Cleaning Ancient Coins manual. You may download the manual for free; no purchase necessary.

NOTES: The difference between yellow and white band pins is 5 Microns. Yellow-band pins should be used for thicker incrustations. White-band pins should be used for more precise, detailed cleaning, once larger incrustations are removed.

The pins do wear down, so ideally you want to use them for earthen deposits, not for hard, mineralized incrustations.

If you wish to buy pins in sets different than the ones posted here, please send me a message. There might be a discount. Any pin combination is possible, but the free pin vise is NOT included in custom orders.


Extremely fine Plus +: White band.

Extremely fine: Yellow band.

To buy the Ancient Coin Cleaning Kit, please click here.

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