Vespasian Dupondius PRINCIP IVVENT Horseback Reverse Mule Very Rare RIC 888

Ancient Coins - Vespasian Dupondius "PRINCIP IVVENT Horseback" Reverse Mule Very Rare RIC 888
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Vespasian AE Dupondius. Rome Mint 77-78 AD. Obverse: IMP CAES VESP AVG PM TP COS VII Radiate bust right. Reverse: PRINCIPI IV-VENT Domitian on horseback left, raising right hand, holding scepter in left; S-C in lower field. RIC: - (Mule of Vespasian obverse and a reverse of Domitian, cf RIC 292-293) Very Rare. Size: 26mm, 12.01g. Numismatic Notes: An incredibly interesting mule! This reverse type was minted under Vespasian for Domitian as Caesar in appreciable numbers. It's a known type and interesting in its own right. However, what this coin represents is an error on the part of whomever was responsible for choosing die combinations at the mint of Rome. This reverse type was clearly not meant for Vespasian since he was already Augustus (emperor) of Rome during this coins' mintage. The obverse is clearly that of Vespasian as Augustus (dated 76 AD) and would never have been used intentionally with the reverse legends "PRINCIPI IVVENT"; a type meant solely for Caesarship. A very interesting coin with an appealing brown patina and great detail!
***This is actually RIC 888 in new RIC II; still very rare*** 
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