Trajan AE Sestertius Armenia Tigris & Euphrates at Feet of Empeor RIC 642 Rare

Ancient Coins - Trajan AE Sestertius "Armenia Tigris & Euphrates at Feet of Empeor" RIC 642 Rare
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Trajan AE Sestertius. Rome Mint 116-117 AD. Obverse: IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC PARTHICO PM TR P COS VI PP Laureate, draped bust of Trajan right. Reverse: ARMENIA ET MESOPOTAMIA IN POTESTATEM P R REDACTAE Trajan standing facing with spear and parazonium, personifications of Armenia, Euphrates and Tigris reclining at his feet; S-C in fields. References: RIC 642 Rare. Size: 35mm, 26.93g. Professional Numismatic Notes: Good-fine and a rare type!
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