Titus AE As Eagle on Thunderbolt Ionia, Ephesos Mint RIC 1512 Very Rare gVF

Ancient Coins - Titus AE As "Eagle on Thunderbolt" Ionia, Ephesos Mint RIC 1512 Very Rare gVF
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Titus. Ionia, Ephesos Mint 77-78 AD. Obverse: T CAESAR IMPER PONT Laureate head of Titus right. Reverse: TR POT COS VI CENSOR S C Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, wings spread, head left. References: RIC 1512, RPC 1481 Very Rare. Size: 26mm, 8.75g. Numismatic Notes: Good VF overall with a choice reverse! This coin is of exceptional quality considering its great rarity! Stunning gray-brown patina in hand!
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