Nero Dupondius MAC AVG SC Macellum Magnum, Market Rome 64-68 AD RIC 402 Rare

Ancient Coins - Nero Dupondius "MAC AVG SC Macellum Magnum, Market" Rome 64-68 AD RIC 402 Rare
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Nero Dupondius. Rome Mint 64-68 AD. Obverse: NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P Head of Nero, laureate, left; small globe at point of neck. Reverse: MAC AVG S C Front view of the Macellum Magnum; above the steps, male figure standing, left, holding scepter. RIC I: 402 Rare. Size: 31mm, 13.34g. Numismatic Notes: Near VF and a rare type! The Macellum Magnum was a market constructed under the reign of Nero!
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