Nero Brass Semis CERTAQVUNQ ROM CO Table, Urn, Wreath, Shield RIC 245 Scarce

Ancient Coins - Nero Brass Semis "CERTAQVUNQ ROM CO Table, Urn, Wreath, Shield" RIC 245 Scarce
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Nero Brass Semis. Rome Mint 64 AD. Obverse: NERO CLAV CAE AVG GER P M TR P IM Laureate head right. Reverse: CERTAQV-INQ ROM CO Table bearing urn and wreath; on front panel, a bas-relief of two griffins confronted; round shield rests against table leg; S (mark of value) to upper left; SC. RIC: 245 Scarce. Size: 17mm, 4.00g. Numismatic Notes: Fine and a scarce type! Nice patina and color!
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