Licinius I VIRTVS EXERCITI Standard, Captives Siscia RIC 121 2nd Off R5 Rare

Ancient Coins - Licinius I "VIRTVS EXERCITI Standard, Captives" Siscia RIC 121 2nd Off R5 Rare
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Licinius I. Siscia Mint 320 AD. Obverse: IMP LI-CINIVS AVG Helmeted and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: VIRTVS EXERCIT, Captives below standard inscribed VOT XX; S-F HL across fields; BSIS* in exergue. RIC VII: 121 R5 Very Rare. Size: 19mm, 3.04g. Numismatic Notes: About EF and well struck! Attractive dark brown-red and green patina! Exceptional style also. This second officina is the rarest of this series, rated R5 by RIC!
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