Islamic Pseudo-Byzantine (Rashidun & Umayyads) AE Follis Seated Figures, Justin I Rare

Ancient Coins - Islamic Pseudo-Byzantine (Rashidun & Umayyads) AE Follis "Seated Figures, Justin I" Rare
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Islamic, Time of the Rashidun to the Umayyads. Pseudo-Byzantine types AE Follis. Scythopolis Mint Circa AH 13/6-76/7 / AD 635/8-696/7. Obverse: Two imperial figures enthroned facing, both nimbate and holding crucifom scepter; cross above. Reverse: Large M; cross above, A/N/N/O U/II across field, A below, NIKO in exergue APBQ: A1; Goodwin, Overview, 32; Album 98; SICA 1, 594 Rare. Size: 27mm, 5.93g. Numismatic Notes: A very rare type in excellent condition! This coin was struck at the city of Scythopolis following the collapse of the Byzantine authority in Syria in the 640's AD and the establishment of purely Islamic types around 695 AD. These pseudo-Byzantine types contain completely Byzantine types, over-struck and imitating earlier types, but with Greek legends. This particular coin imitates a follis of Justin II.
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