Islamic Pseudo-Byzantine (Rashidun & Muhummad) AE Follis Constans II Rare

Ancient Coins - Islamic Pseudo-Byzantine (Rashidun & Muhummad) AE Follis "Constans II" Rare
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ISLAMIC, Time of Muhammad & the Rashidun. Pseudo-Byzantine types AE Follis. Syrian Mint Circa AH 1-55 / AD 622-675. Obverse: Imperial Byzantine figure (Constans II) standing facing, holding cross-tipped staff and globus cruciger; IOOYI[...] upward to left; O NIK? downward to right. Reverse: Large m, [star or cross above]; A/N/A and N/?/O across field. Cf. SICA I: 515 (for type); cf. DOCAB 10 (same); Walker, Arab-Byzantine–; Album 3504 Rare. Size: 21mm, 9.08g. Numismatic Notes: A very rare type in excellent condition! Interestingly, this coin is typically struck on a thinner and much lighter flan (the AE Fals). As one can tell by the heavy weight that this was overstruck on a much earlier type, perhaps a half-follis of the early Byzantine empire. These pseudo-Byzantine types were always overstruck on earlier types, even late Roman folles and as this coin demonstrates, early Byzantine types. This coin was struck at a Syrian mint following the collapse of the Byzantine authority in Syria in the 640's AD and the establishment of purely Islamic types around 695 AD. These pseudo-Byzantine types contain completely Byzantine types, over-struck and imitating earlier types, but with Greek legends. This particular coin imitates a follis of Constans II.
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