Faustina I Senior Posthumous AR Denarius AVGVSTA Ceres, Torch & Grain EF

Ancient Coins - Faustina I Senior Posthumous AR Denarius "AVGVSTA Ceres, Torch & Grain" EF
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Diva Faustina I Senior AR Denarius. Rome Mint, struck under Antoninus Pius, circa 146/7-161. Obverse: DIVA FAVSTINA Draped bust of Faustina Senior to right. Reverse: AVGVSTA Ceres standing left, holding grain-ears in her right hand and torch with her left. References: BMC 408 (Antoninus Pius). Cohen 78. RIC 360 (Antoninus Pius). Size: 17mm, 3.33g. Numismatic Notes: EF with a lovely find-patina!
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