Divus Germanicus (Under Caligula) Quadriga, Triumphal Salute RIC 57 Good Fine

Ancient Coins - Divus Germanicus (Under Caligula) "Quadriga, Triumphal Salute" RIC 57 Good Fine
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Divus Germanicus Dupondius. Rome Mint Under Caligula 37-41 AD. Obverse: GERMANICVS CAESAR Germanicus, bare-headed and cloaked, standing in quadriga, right, holding eagle tipped scepter. Reverse: SIGNIS RECEPT DEVICTIS GERM S C Germanicus bare-headed and cuirassed, right, with tunic standing, left, right hand raised and left holding aquila. References: RIC 57. Size: 29mm, 15.51g. Numismatic Notes: A lovely example of this popular type! This type celebrates Germanicus, the father of Caligula! Toned-brass color with some red tone on the obverse.
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