Crispus AE19 Bust With Spear & Shield / Altar, Globe Trier RIC 372

Ancient Coins - Crispus AE19 "Bust With Spear & Shield / Altar, Globe" Trier RIC 372
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Crispus Caesar. Trier Mint 322-323 AD. Obverse: IVL CRISPVS NOB CAES, laureate and cuirassed bust left with shield and spear slung over shoulder. Reverse: BEATA TRANQVILLITAS, globe on altar inscribed VO/TIS/XX, 3 stars above; (dot)STR(dot) in exergue. RIC: 372. Size: 19mm, 3.63g. Numismatic Notes: I've always enjoyed these interesting bust types minted during the Constantinian era in Northern European mints. This one is low-grade, but still retains the interesting bust. A nice budget piece!
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