Claudius I Sestertius Restoration of Titus Spes Walking RIC 473 Extremely Rare

Ancient Coins - Claudius I Sestertius Restoration of Titus "Spes Walking" RIC 473 Extremely Rare
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Claudius I Brass Sestertius. Restoration Issue Under Titus. Rome Mint 80-81 AD. Obverse: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P Laureate head of Claudius I right. Reverse: IMP T VESP AVG RESTITVIT S C Spes standing, left holding flower in right and raising skirt with left. RIC II: 473 (Titus) Extremely Rare. Size: 37mm, 19.80g. Numismatic Notes: An extremely rare type! This coin was minted for Claudius decades after his death under the emperor Titus! Restoration issues were not quite memorial types, since most were not struck with any posthumous divination titles for the deceased emperors. Rather, they typically bare the obverse of the deceased emperor as a living emperor, while the reverse bares the legends of the actual contemporary emperor, along with "REST" or "RESTITVIT! This coin is one of these restoration issues. While most restoration issues are at least scarce, some where produced in such small quantities that they are excessively rare today; and such is the case for this coin. A pleasing brown patina with some brassy points. Some scuffs in left reverse.
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