Caligula (Gaius) AE Quadrans Legend RCC Pileus & SC Rome Mint 40-41 AD RIC 52

Ancient Coins - Caligula (Gaius) AE Quadrans "Legend RCC Pileus & SC" Rome Mint 40-41 AD RIC 52
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Caligula AE Quadrans. Rome Mint 40-41 AD. Obverse: PON M TR P IIII P P COS TERT around RCC. Reverse: C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG around pileus between SC. RIC I: 52 Scarce. Size: 17mm, 3.09g. Numismatic Notes: VF and well-struck! Some inactive verdigris (it appears to have done some damage, but was deactivated long ago. This coin was part of an old collection and has shown no signs of new verdigris since I received it).
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