Weber. The Weber collection of Greek Coins by Forrer.

Ancient Coins - Weber.  The Weber collection of Greek Coins by Forrer.
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Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Greek Coins formed by Sir Hermann Weber M. D. 1823-1918, by Leonard Forrer. Attic Books, 1975 reprint of 1922 original, published in three volumes, hardbound, 1952 pages with over 8500 coins catalogued, most of which are illustrated on 317 plates.  A very clean set.
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The Weber collection is one of the great collections sold in the early 20th century, comparible with Pozzi and Jameson. It was purchased by Spink & Son and dispersed in the 1920's.  The collection covers all aspect of the Greek world, including Greek Imperials and small bronze.  I have always enjoyed using this reference and have discovered many Weber pedigrees over the years as a result.  Highly recommended, this handsome reprint edition is now long out of print.  (domestic shipping only)  
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