Roman Lead Sling Bullet, 1st Century BC - 1st Century AD, From Battlesite of Munde?

Ancient Coins - Roman Lead Sling Bullet, 1st Century BC - 1st Century AD, From Battlesite of Munde?
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Roman Sling Bullet from Spain, circa 1st Century BC to 1st Century AD
Lead sling bullet measuring on average 40 x 20mm and 40 - 76 grams. Oxidized surfaces, intact, some light dings from being used in battle.
Photo is representative, I have many examples available of similar shapes, dimensions and weights. 
For reference see:
M.C. Bishop & J. C. N. Coulston, Roman Military Equipment, From the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome, figure 27, numbers 1 to 5.
Found in Spain, and purportedly from Munda in southern Spain, the decisive last battle between Julius Caesar and the Pompeians. As such these sling bullets would be remnants from one of the most important battles in all of western civilization, but alas, it cannot be confirmed, only that they are indeed found in Spain. The actual site of Munda has never been confirmed, though there are several good known possibilities.
Slingers were employed by both sides and used in most all of the Civil War battles. The only time they can be closely attributed is by inscription. Sling bullets were often cast with names, slogans or symbols, such as thunderbolts (I have in my collection two which are inscribed with the name of Pompey). Many have been found with interesting, funny or fanciful inscriptions. The Greeks used some humorous inscriptions such as "Take That!", or "Ouch!". Roman inscriptions include:
FERI POMP (Strike Pompey)

PET CVLVM OCTAVIA (Attack Octavians Asshole, implying his troops were retreating)
FVGITIVI PERITIS (Perish in Your Flight)
DEXA (Catch!)

There are numerous classical writings on slingers, but the story I like the best is that illustrating the accuracy of these weapons (unfortunately I cannot remember the source, or find the reference as I have too many classical books! Perhaps Vegetius?). It relates how an unfortunate pregnant woman was too close to a battle and was struck in the belly by an errant sling bullet. The force of the blow caused the baby to be forced from her womb! A great story, and certainly not true, but it illustrates how effective slingers were and how devastating the results!
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