AR medal 1799 by von Baldenbach: Austrian victory over the French at the battle of Stockach

World Coins - AR medal 1799 by von Baldenbach: Austrian victory over the French at the battle of Stockach
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Grade: EF beautiful medal
Material: Silver
Weight: 26.30 g
Diameter: 48,2 mm

Obverse: bust of Archduke Charles of Austria left, wearing antique helmet


Reverse: Victoria standing victory trophy (column with arms)


The [First] Battle of Stockach occurred on 25 March 1799, when French and Austrian armies fought for control of the geographically strategic Hegau region in present day Baden-Wurttemberg. In the broader military context, this battle constitutes a keystone in the first campaign in southwestern Germany during the Wars of the Second Coalition, part of the French Revolutionary Wars.

It was the second battle between the French Army of the Danube, commanded by Jean-Baptiste Jourdan and the Habsburg Army under Archduke Charlis; the armies had met a few days earlier, 20–22 March, on the marshy fields southeast of Ostrach and the Pfullendorf heights. The Austrian Army's superior strength, almost three-to-one, forced the French to withdraw.

At Stockach, the French concentrated their forces into shorter lines, creating intense fighting conditions; initially, Charles's line was more extended, but he quickly pulled additional troops from his reserves to strengthen his front. When a small French force commanded by Dominique Vandamme nearly flanked the Austrian Army, Charles's personal intervention was crucial for the Austrians, buying time for reinforcements to arrive. General Jourdan, while trying to rally his men, was nearly trampled to death. Ultimately, the French were driven back upon the Rhine River (source: Wikipedia).

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