INDIA, GUPTAS: Skandagupta lead coin. Scarce and CHOICE.

Ancient Coins - INDIA, GUPTAS: Skandagupta lead coin. Scarce and CHOICE.
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Gupta empire
Skandagupta (ruled c. 455-480 AD)
PB coin (12 mm, 2.54 g)

Obverse: Garuda standing facing, holding two snakes in his feet, and flanked by moon and sun symbols
Reverse: Brahmi legend Sri Skandaguptasya with conch and chakra above

Ref: J. Moller and M. Mitchiner, A Hoard of Abhira and Gupta Lead Coins, ONS Newsletter 57 (1978), 20-23

The fifth Gupta emperor, Skandagupta saved India from the Huns who invaded in the 5th century AD. He defeated their forces and restored the stability of an empire that stretched across northern India.

The Gupta emperors issued lead coins only after they conquered Gujarat, which had a long numismatic tradition of lead coins under the Western Kshatrapas. When Chandragupta II defeated the last Kshatrapa king Rudrasimha III, he started issuing lead coins with Garuda replacing the earlier bull symbol on obverse. His son Kumaragupta continued with this series, as did Kumaragupta's successor Skandagupta.
These lead coins circulated only in the western part of the empire. The series ended when Gujarat was lost to the Guptas by the end of the 5th century.
This specimen has Vaishnavite symbols - conch and chakra - clearly visible above Skandagupta's name on reverse, proving the Guptas were devotees of Vishnu.
Scarce and CHOICE.
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