Heraclius, 610-641 AD, AR half siliqua - scarce

Ancient Coins - Heraclius, 610-641 AD, AR half siliqua - scarce
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Obverse:  crowned, draped and cuirassed bust facing

Reverse:  Heraclius Constantine and Martina

Heraclius married his niece Martina after the death of his first wife in 614. The marriage was condemned by the church, the people of Constantinople, and the emperor's family. Still, Martina remained at her husband's side during his campaigns against the Persians and Arabs.  Her son Heraclonas became co-emperor with Heraclius Constantine.  Taking a page from early Romen empresses, Martina poisoned Heraclius Constantine four months later.  Of course no good deed goes unpunished and she and Heraclonas were "removed" for the son of Heraclius Constantine --> Constans.

13mm, 0.60 grams

Sear Byzantine 871
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