PARTHIA, PHRAATES IV (38-2 BCE) Silver drachm, Rhagae, with additional eagle on reverse!! SUPERB, UNPUBLISHED and PRESUMED UNIQUE!

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Obverse Bare-headed, bearded, diademed bust of king left, wearing necklet (not torque), royal wart on forehead, eagle crowning king from behind, dotted border around
Reverse King (Arsakes I?) seated right on throne, holding bow, eagle crowniing king from behind throne, Greek legend in 7 lines around: above, BAΣIΛEC; BAΣIΛEN, at right: ACAKOY, below: EVERΓETOY / ΔIKAIOY, at left: EΠIΦANOVΣ / ΦIΛEΛΛHNOΣ, PΓ monogram (for Rhagae) under bow
Date c. 38-2 BCE
Weight 3.93 gm.
Diameter 17-19 mm.
Die axis 2 o'clock
Reference Sellwood ---, Shore ---
Comments From my personal collection, ex-Tom Mallon collection. Published on his website, The Coins and History of Asia, the sixth coin (as of March 2009) under Phraates IV:

This coin is also published on the website as Sellwood 52.37 var:
Because there is no symbol in front of the king's face on the obverse, this coin would correctly be placed into Sellwood's Type 52. However, the coin is not S52.37, as Sellwood reports that to have legend iii, while this coin has legend ii. At the same time, it is not S52.36, because the mintmark below is of Rhagae. A rare prize for the advanced Parthian collector!
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