INDIA, SASANO-HUNNIC, Ranaditya Satya Gold dinar, Sind, 5th century. RARE & CHOICE!

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Obverse Bust of king right, wearing elaborate crown with an idiosyncratic style, flower within an oval cartouche before, dotted border around
Reverse Fire altar, Brahmi legend on either side, at right: ranaditya, at left: satya
Date c. 450-475 CE
Weight 7.04 gm.
Diameter 16 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference Senior ONS 149
Comments Senior published this coin type in ONS 149 and read the legend as Rana Datasatya. However, this reading does not seem to be correct, and this coin provides a good illustration of that fact. We see that the last letter at right has a clear stroke below rendering it as tya. Thus the correct reading is Ranaditya Satya. The crown on this coin does not have an exact parallel with any Sasanian king. Some have identified it as similar to the crown of Yazdegard I, but this does not seem correct. To me, it most closely resembles the crown type of Yazdegard II (438-457), but is clearly not the same type. In any case, the small, dumpy flan and the continuing debasement of this coin type suggests very strongly that it comes near the end of the Sind series, which began with coins from the time of Shapur II. I therefore feel fairly confident in dating this to the second or, more likely, the third quarter of the fifth century.
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