INDIA, Ramdurg Marathas: Anonymous Gold fanam: Snake/Legend. RARE!

Ancient Coins - INDIA, Ramdurg Marathas: Anonymous Gold fanam: Snake/Legend. RARE!
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Obverse Snake, sun above
Reverse Devanagari legend: Sri Ra / ma Durga
Date c.1760-70
Weight 0.35 gm.
Diameter 5 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference MNI ---
Comments A very rare coin from a short-lived issue. According to the noted historian and numismatist Shailendra Bhandare (personal communication): "Ramdurg was a small Maratha state in Karnataka, located to the the west of Ghorpade territories and ruled by a Konkanastha Brahman Zamindar family named 'Bhave', who held tenures from the Peshwa. A branch of the same family held the neighbouring state of Nargund. One cannot speculate when exactly the coins were struck, but they should be dated around 1760-1770. Soon afterwards, both Ramdurg and Nargund were attacked and sacked by Hyder and later Tipu. The rulers fled to Pune but were reinstated after the Maratha defeat of Tipu in the 1788-89 war. The states finally lapsed to the British after the revolt of 1857-58 when the ruler of Ramdurg actively sided with rebels and was put to death."
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