INDIA, PANCHALA, Bhanumitra AE double karshapana, RARE & CHOICE!

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Obverse Railed tree, with primitive hill symbol at left
Reverse Three as yet unidentified symbols (sun?, anthropomorphic figure?, Panchala symbol?), with name below in Brahmi script: Bhanumitasa
Date c. 1st century BCE - 1st century CE (highly uncertain)
Weight 12.92 gm.
Diameter 22 mm.
Die axis 1 o'clock
Reference MAC ---, Shrimali --- (unlisted), Pieper 1018
Comments The Panchala series is one of the most interesting of the ancient India coin series, because it is quite long and the kings are named on them. Unfortunately, we know very little about the chronology. The order of kings is not known and even the dates of the series are still debated. It appears the series belongs in the post-Mauryan period, but further details are still unavailable.

The present coin is a rare type. Normally, the coins of Bhanumitra carry an obverse design featuring a solar disc (Bhanu means "sun"), but this coin has a railed tree and a primitive hill symbol. The reverse design is also different. Coins of this type are listed by Mitchiner for Suryamitra (see MAC 4548) and Bhumimitra (see Shrimali type B), but not for Bhanumitra. A CHOICE specimen of a RARE type!

You can see a catalog of Panchala coins on the CoinIndia website.

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