INDIA, KUSHAN: Kanishka I AE drachm, Kashmir type, Oesho reverse. SCARCE!

Ancient Coins - INDIA, KUSHAN: Kanishka I AE drachm, "Kashmir" type, Oesho reverse. SCARCE!
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Obverse King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left, holding sceptre in left hand, Bactrian legend around: �AO KA / NI�KI (Shao Kanishki)
Reverse Oesho (Siva) standing facing, head turned to left, right hand raised holding trident, left hand holding deerskin, Bactrian legend at right: OΗ&Thorn;O, tamgha at left
Date c. 127-150 CE
Weight 4.02 gm.
Diameter 17 mm.
Die axis 11 o'clock
Reference G�bl 813, MAC 3168-71
Comments We see at right the letters η�KI, which indicates this is the variety where the legend starts at 7 o'clock and the letters in the left field are �AO KA.
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