INDIA, KASHMIR SULTANS, Ibrahim Shah I (1528-29) Silver sasnu. SCARCE!

Ancient Coins - INDIA, KASHMIR SULTANS, Ibrahim Shah I (1528-29) Silver sasnu. SCARCE!
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Obverse Legend: al-sultan al-a'zam ibrahim shah , with bra on third line, below i-him
Reverse Within central ornamental diamond: zarb Kashmir , frozen date 842 spelled out in margins
Date c. AH 934-36 (= 1528-29 CE)
Weight 5.90 gm.
Dimensions 15 x 16 mm.
Die axis n.a.
Reference Rajgor 2861, Goron-Goenka K76
Comments The Kashmir Sultanate was not formed by conquest. Rather, it had been ruled for centuries by a Hindu dynasty until Shah Mirza, a Muslim from Swat and Chief Minister of the raja, married the raja's widow upon his death and assumed the throne in AH 747 (1346 CE). The Sultanate persisted until Kashmir was finally annexed by Akbar in AH 995 (1587 CE). The coinage of the Kashmir Sultanate is unique in that it has its own weight standard ... the sasnu of approximately 6.2 gm. All the coins are scarce to rare.

This could be an issue of Ibrahim Shah II some 10 years later ... either way, a SCARCE coin!
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