Vespasian. AD 69 to 79. AE SESTERTIUS. Scarce type.

Ancient Coins - Vespasian. AD 69 to 79. AE SESTERTIUS. Scarce type.
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Denomination: AE sestertius.
Mint: Rome.   Date: AD 71
Reference: Sear 2324.  RIC 42.  Foss 51
Size: 30.7 x 33.0 mm.  Weight: 25.19 grams.
Grade: VF with some porosity
Obverse: Head of Vespasian right, with IMP CAES VESPAS VG TR P P P COS III around.
Reverse: Honos standing right facing Virtus standing left, with HONOS ET VIRTVS around and S C below.
This type commemorates the AD 71 restoration of the temple of Honos and Virtus that had been destroyed by fire.
This seems to be a relatively scarce types. there was a cluster of them sold at various auction between 2005 and 2008, but the type has rarely shown up after 2008.  The coins in that cluster were all different patina's so more likely a collection being sold than a hoard.
Provenance:  I bought it from an old time Calgary collection (MS) in 2015. His tag records he got in 03/88 (March 1988) but does not record who it bought it from.  I suspect it would be one of the German auctions and that it might be possible to track down the information.
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