Roman Republic. cast Aes Grave Uncia. ca. 225 to 215 BC.

Ancient Coins - Roman Republic.  cast Aes Grave Uncia.  ca. 225 to 215  BC.
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Denomination : Bronze uncia.  Date : ca. 225 to 215 BC.

Mint : Rome.

Reference : Thurlow-Vecchi #56.  Syd. 77.  Cr 35/6.  Sear 589.

Size : 23.9 x 26.5 mm in diameter and 8.0 mm thick.  Weight : 19.24 grams.

Grade : good Fine, with a mid to dark green patina, but the patina is thick and slightly rough.  Although I don't believe this coin should be cleaned any further, it might improve with professional cleaning.

Obverse : Helmeted head of "MARS" left (see my comments below) with a large pellet behind..

Reverse : Ship's prow right, with a large pellet below.

The obverse type is traditionally described as Roma, although I see no good reason for this beyond someone called it Roman a couple of centuries ago and no one ever took the time to look at this series closely enough to see why that is incorrect.

On this specimen "Roma clearly has a pointed beard with fine pellets on it (clearer on the coin than on the image), which show this to be a male portrait, which is almost certainly Mars and not Roma.  This coin is not alone in having these feature as Haeb. #22 and 23 in this series share some of these feature.

Please note that I am not trying to say that there are two different types, one with Roma and one with Mars, but rather I believe there is only one type with Mars who is sometimes show clean shaven, and sometimes with a beard (either that, or there are two types and that is very un-likely).

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