Octavian. 35 to 34 BC. Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Octavian. 35 to 34 BC. Silver denarius.
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Denomination : Silver Denarius. Mint : Uncertain mint in either Italy or Illuricum.

Date : Issued between 35 and 34 BC.

Reference : Sear-1546.

Size : 17.0 x 17.7 mm. Weight : 3.86 grams.

Grade : VF 

Obverse : Head of Octavian right.  This type does not have an obverse inscription.  Thee is a small banker's stamp in front of Octavian's mouth, and there are a couple of letters scratched very lightly into the field in front of his face (you have to look very closely to see them).

Reverse : A shield covered in rings of small studs, with IMP CAESAR DIVI F in lines above, across, and below the shield.

There are many Octavian denarii struck from dies cut by the same celator that cut the dies for these coin.  Almost all of the types he worked on are listed as being either of an uncertain mint or Rome mint with a big question mark.  This suggests he may have been moving with a travelling military mint and may eventually have ended up at the mint of Rome.

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