NERO AD 64-68. AE SESTERTIUS. New variety for Balkan mints?.

Ancient Coins - NERO  AD 64-68.  AE SESTERTIUS.  New variety for Balkan mints?.
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Denomination: Bronze sestertius.
Mint: Balkan mint, possibly Perinthus.   Date: issue of AD 64.
This type is usually attributed to Rome mint, but this example as centering dimples on both sides from a flan smoothing device, which is not seen on coins minted at Rome but is associated with mints in the Balkins.  They style is consistent with coin of the mint of Perinthus.
Reference: SEAR 1957 variety.  RIC 170 variety (both Rome)
Size: 32.7 x 35.4 mm.  Weight: 22.64 grams.
Grade: VF with minor porosity and weak areas.
Obverse: Laureate head of Nero right with (NERO CL)AVDIVS CAESAR AVG GERM P M T(RP IMP P P) around but parts of the inscription are off the flan.
Reverse: Nero and another horseman riding right, with DECVRSIO below and S C to the sides.  The horseman to the left is weak, and the inscription below is partly obscured by an area of corrosion.
Rarity: This type is common for Rome mint, but as yet I have not found another example of this type that is from the Balkan mints.  As such, I suspect it is previously unpublished.
Provenance: From an old time Calgary collection (MS).  His tag does not record where or when he purchased the coin, but his starting collecting in the 1950's and stopped about 2010, so it has to be prior to 2010.   
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