Ancient Coins - KYRENICA. KYRENE. 331-322 BC. GOLD STATER.
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In 331 BC Alexander the Great had just conquered Egypt at which time Kyrene signed a treaty with him, and there was immediately a very large issue of gold staters from Kyrene.
Denomination: gold stater.
Date: 331-322 BC.
Reference: Naville 83 (same dies); BMC Cyrene pg. 29, 116 (same dies); SNG Copenhagen 1209 (same dies).
Size: 18.4 x 19.9 mm.  Weight: 8.63 grams.
Grade: good VF to about XF with good surfaces.  The top of Zeus' head is off the flan is as typical for this issue.
Obverse: Nike driving quadriga right; sun above, with KYPANAI ON above.
Reverse: Zeus-Ammon seated left, holding eagle with a thymiaterion to left and XAIPIOΣ naming the magistrate Chairios to the right.
Provenance: I purchased this coin in 2015 from a Calgary collector.  Prior to him it was on CNG Triton VIII, lot 592 where it sold on 11 January 2005.
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