Judaea. Alexander Jannaeus, 103 to 76 BC. Bronze prutah.

Ancient Coins - Judaea. Alexander Jannaeus, 103 to 76 BC. Bronze prutah.
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Denomination: AE Prutah
Size: 13.9 x 15.7 mm.  Weight: 1.84 grams.
Reference: Sear Greek 6087.  H-1150.  TJC-K.  SOFAER =221
Grade: good VF on a large flan, with an exceptional reverse strike and centering providing full clear letters between the rays.  Better eye appeal with the coin in hand than the image suggests.  Very minor roughness, mostly in areas outside of die contact.  Mid-brown patina.
Obverse: Anchor with the inscription BASILEWS ALEXANDROU around, with only a few weak letters.
Reverse: 8 pointed star inside of a diadem, with Hebrew letters for "YEHONATAN THE KING" between the rays of the star.  Every letter is clear, which is exceptional for one of these.
Provenance: ex. William M. Rosenblum, with his original tag included.
This is one of the types that can be consider the Biblical "widows mite".
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