Hadrian, AD 117 to 138, Copper As.

Ancient Coins - Hadrian, AD 117 to 138, Copper As.
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Hadrian, AD 117 to 138

: Copper As. Mint : Rome.

Reference : I have not yet looked this one up.

Size : 25.0 x 26.5 mm. Weight : 12.88 grams.

Grade : Fine but a trace rough, especially on the reverse.

: Bare head of Hadrian right, with HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS around.

Reverse : Fortuna seated left holding a cornucopiae and ship's rudder, with FORT RED COS III around and S C in the fields.  The III of COS III is mostly off the flan.

There is debate if these issues are bare head dupondii or As.  The weight of this example, at 12.88 grams is very high for an As, and about right for a dupondius, but it is appears to be struck on a copper rather than brass flan, and thus must be an As.

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