HADRIAN. AD 117 TO 138. AE Dupondius

Ancient Coins - HADRIAN. AD 117 TO 138. AE Dupondius
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Denomination: AE Dupondius, although the weight is more in line with an As, the metal is brass, consistent with a Dupondius. 
Mint: Rome.  Date: AD 132-135
Reference: RIC 719. Cohen 667
Size: 25.0 x 26.7 mm.  Weight: 9.96 grams. 
Grade: VF but a little off-center.  light cleaning marks.
Obverse: Head of Hadrian right with HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS around. 
Reverse: Galley with five oars men left, with FELICITATI AVG to the upper left,  COS III P P below, and S C flanking the galley.
Provenance: From an old time Calgary collection (MS).  He did not record where or when he purchased the coin, but his starting collecting in the 1950's and stopped about 2010, so it has to be prior to 2010. 
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