Galerius, as Caesar, AD 293-305. AE follis

Ancient Coins - Galerius, as Caesar, AD 293-305. AE follis
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Galerius, as Caesar, AD 293-305

Denomination : Bronze follis. Mint : mint mark not visible.

Size : 26.0 x 29.4 mm. Weight : 9.61 grams.

Reference : Sear-3706 variety

Grade :  XF/VF but major weak areas on the reverse.  This coin is darker than the image suggests, and the white areas on the reverse are the remains of silvering.

Obverse : Head of Galerius right, with G VAL MAXIMIANVS NOB C around.

Reverse : Genius standing left, wearing a modius on his head, holding a cornucopiae and patera, with a chlamys over his shoulder, with GENIO POPVLI ROMANI around.  The lower part of the reverse, including Genius' feet, lower legs, and the mint mark, did not strike up.

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