Diva Faustina Senior. After AD 147. AE Sestertius.

Ancient Coins - Diva Faustina Senior. After AD 147. AE Sestertius.
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Denomination: AE Sestertius
Mint: Rome.  Date: issued after AD 147.
Reference: SEAR 4619.  RIC III 1125 (PIUS)
Size: 30.0 x 31.6 mm.  Weight: 22.37 grams.
Grade: VF but areas of corrosion on the reverse with some reverse smoothing.
Obverse: Head of  Faustina Senior right, with DIVA FAVSTINA around.
Reverse: Vesta standing left sacrificing with a patera over lighted altar, holding a Palladium, with AVGVSTA around and S C in the fields.
Antoninius Pius struck coins in Faustina's name for almost 20 years after her death.  All coins of her struck during this period have DIVA at the beginning of the obverse inscriptions.
Provenance: From an old time Calgary collection (MS).  His records did not record where or when he purchased the coin, but his starting collecting in the 1950's and stopped about 2010, so it has to be prior to 2010. 
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