China, Zhou Dynasty conterfeiters mould for Ming Knife money.

Ancient Coins - China, Zhou Dynasty conterfeiters mould for Ming Knife money.
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Size : 163 mm long x 119 mm wide x 24.5 mm thick.

Material : sandstone.

Date : late 4th to early 3rd century BC.  Zhou Dynasty period of the warring states.

This is part of a carved sandstone mold for casting Ming knife money in the later Zhou Dynasty period, ca. 300 BC.  The material is fairly course and coins cast in it would have resulted in a finish somewhat rougher than the offiicial issues (which always have smooth metal), so I conclude that it has to be an ancient counterfeiters tool.

This is only the back half of one side of the mould.  The front end was cut off cleanly (as opposed to having been broken off), suggesting that after the mold became too worn to use, the piece of stone was cut down for some other purpose (possibly as a building block).

I suspect that virtually all of the ancient stone moulds for Chinese coins that have survived are counterfeiters tools, as it is unlikely the official mints would have left used moulds laying around (they probably would have destroyed them).  Most such moulds that have survived are also fragments, and I am not aware of many intact ones.  They are also very rare.

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