Caracalla bronze medallion from Cyzicus.

Ancient Coins - Caracalla bronze medallion from Cyzicus.
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Medallions were awards, and in some cases may have been personally presented by the Emperor portrayed on them.
City of Issue: Cyzicus. 
Size: 41.3 x 43.0 mm. Weight: 42.96 grams.
Grade: gVF with some weakness in the strike at the high points.  Dark green patina.  No smoothing or tooling.

: Cuirassed bust of Caracalla right, holding a spear over his left shoulder, with  AVTK M AYPH ANTΩNINOC AYΓ around.  This would translate into Latin as CAESAR MARCVS AVRELIVS ANTONINVS AVGVSTVS, naming Caracalla.
Reverse: Caracalla standing slightly left between two vexillum, holding a sceptre in his left hand and sacrificing with a patera in his right hand held over a lighted altar.  Running clockwise for 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock is APX AEΛ ONHCIΦOP AVP ANTΩNEINIAN KVZIKH.  Across the bottom is ΔIC NEOKOPON (with the final end dropped down to the next line).
The way this inscription breaks down is :
APX -  short for APXΩN meaning  CHIEF MAGISTRATE
AIΛ ONHCIΦOP - names the Strategi AELIUS ONESIPHORUS who was the chief Magistrate of Cyzicus at that time,
AVP ANTΩNEINIAN - if in Latin would  AVRELIAN  ANTONINIAN which is a title (or possibly titles) claimed by Cyzicus.
KVZIKH  - naming the city of Cyzicus.
ΔIC NEOKOPON  - is a title meaning "SECOND TEMPLE KEEPER" which would have been awarded to Cyzicus when it built a second temple dedicated to an Emperor or Imperial family.
All together it says roughly - THE CHIEF MAGISTRATE AELIUS ONESIPHORUS, AURELIAN ANTONINIAN CYZICUS, SECOND TEMPLE KEEPER.  The actual meaning would be more like:
(A medallion) of the people of Cyzicus, who are Aurelian, Antoninian, and keepers of two imperial temples (struck) while Aelius Onesiphoros is chief Magistrate. 
I have to thank Curtis Clay for suggesting this interpretation of the inscription.
Provenance: ex. Barry Murphy.  Ex.  MS collection (a local Calgary Collection).  I originally bought this medallion from Barry Murphy, sold it to the MS collection, and recently bought it back.
Ancient Coins - Caracalla bronze medallion from Cyzicus.
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