Parthian Kingdom: Unknown King AR drachm – Archer – Very rare and a superior example

Ancient Coins - Parthian Kingdom: Unknown King AR drachm – Archer – Very rare and a superior example
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Parthian Kingdom: Unknown King AR drachm, ca. 140 AD, 3.79gm, struck in an unknown mint most likely not Ekbatana, 19.8mm.  Obv: Diademed bust left, long pointed beard, earring visible, hair in three waves; diadem has three bands, triple loop, and four ends.  Rev: Archer seated right on throne, holding bow; monogram below bow; all surrounded by a legend which is distinctive for this type and which omits the name of Arsakes.  Sellwood 83.1; Shore 426.  aEF/EF, and a superior example of this very rare type, with a lovely reverse.

The obverse image of this king, known to history only from his coinage, is similar to the image on one of the types of Vologases III, but shows a different diadem.  The legend on the reverse is also unique to this Unknown King.  As to his identity, Sellwood suggests that the fact that he omits the name of Arsakes in the reverse legend may be significant.  Sellwood’s suggestion that he was a rebel against Vologases III does not seem well-supported, though, as another “rebel” that Sellwood names, the issuer of his type 82, we now know to be definitely in the dynastic line.  Assar in Sunrise, page 153, suggests that the Unknown King of type 83 may be Parthamaspates, but the evidence for this is thin.  See Sunrise page 153 also for Assar’s well-supported theory that this type was struck at a site other than the Ekbatana mint indicated by the A beneath the archer’s bow. 

Thanks to Michael Conner of the Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles for providing some of the information in this listing.
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