Seleucid Coins of Bactria by Brian Kritt - Ex. Bruce R. Brace library

Ancient Coins - Seleucid Coins of Bactria by Brian Kritt - Ex. Bruce R. Brace library
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Classical Numismatic Studies No.1 (CNG: Lancaster, PA, 1996). Harbound with dust jacket. ix, 65 pages, 5 plates. A detailed study of Seleucid coins struck in Bactria during the half century Seleucid occupation of the province. In addition to discovering previously unknown coins, and reattributing known coins, this study has proved the existence of an entirely new mint! The results of the study have greatly changed the picture of minting operations and administration of the province. A CNG publication. In very fine condition.

Seleucid Coins of Bactria
Classical Numismatic Studies No. 1 by Brian Kritt


Map 1: The Eastern Seleucid Empire
Map 2: Bactria
Map 3: Mesopotamia

Forward: by Arthur Houghton

Chapter I:Group G From Susa
Introduction.New Evidence. The Catalog. Die Axis Orientation. Provenances. Attribution to Bactria. Relative Chronology. Absolute Chronology.

Chapter II :Mint B: Ai Khanoum
Introduction. Types of the Ai Khanoum Bronzes

Chapter III : More Ai Khanoum Bronzes

Chapter IV: The Anepigraphic Ai Khanoum Bronzes

Chapter V: A Link Between the Seleucid and Bactrian Coins of Ai Khanoum

Chapter VI: Legend Convention and the Far Northeastern Mints

Chapter VII: The Carrhae Horsehead Coins: Reattribution to Bactria



Ex. Bruce R. Brace library with his Ex Libris bookplate. Bruce Brace was a scholar and by many considered to be a dean of Roman Numismatics in Canada. Coins from his extensive collection were sold by CNG in 2012 and 2013.
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