Numismatic Chronicle 1974 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS

Ancient Coins - Numismatic Chronicle 1974 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS
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Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1974, xxvii, 233 pages, 16 photographic plates, well illustrated. Red cloth, Very fine condition.

Numismatic Chronicle is one of the most important journal on ancient and medieval numismatics.

Some of the articles included:

Hadley, Robert A. Seleucus, Dionysus, or Alexander?
DeShazo, A. S. The Umayyad governors of al-Iraq and the changing annulet patterns on their dirhams / A. S. DeShazo and Michael Bates.
Grierson, Philip. A new early follis type of Leo III (718).
Casey, John. A mid-third-century hoard from Brighton, Sussex / John Casey.
Johnston, Ann. New problems for old : Konrad Kraft on die-sharing in Asia Minor.
Henig, Martin. A note concerning the devices on some Greek imperial issues.
Dolley, Michael. An unpublished hoard-provenance for the ninth century coinage of Hedeby.
Hardaker, T. R. A new hoard of Indian copper punchmarked coins from Madhya Pradesh.
Hardaker, T. R. A new hoard of Indian copper punchmarked coins from Madhya Pradesh.
Carson, R. A. G. Chipperfield (Herts.) treasure trove / R. A. G. Carson.
Erim, Kenan T. A hoard of Alexander drachms from Aphrodisias.
Mikolajczyk, Andrzej. Scottish copper coins of the seventeenth century found in Poland and the neighboring Soviet republics.
Metcalf, D. M. The Berbati hoard, 1953 : deniers, tournois and sterlings from the Frankish Morea.
Metcalf, William E. Roman coins from the River Liri. II.
Morkholm, Otto. A coin of Artaxerxes III.
Rhodes, J. F. The Oldcroft (1971-2) hoard of bronze coins and silver objects.
Shore, A. F. The demotic inscription on a coin of Artaxerxes.
Nash, Daphne. The Kuft hoard of Alexander III tetradrachms.
Oddy, W. A. Analysis of the gold coinage of Beneventum.
Schneider, Herbert. A note on the "Rose group" angels of Henry VII.
Terry, K. W. X-ray diffraction analysis of grain size as a method of detection of reproductions among seventeenth century Spanish silver reales.
Stewart, Ian. Problems of the early coinage of Henry VII.
Wright, R. N. J. Some further information on the origins of the milled coinage of imperial China. (1974)
Whitehead, D. H. E. An unpublished hybrid silver quinarius of Domitian.

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