Numismatic Chronicle 1970 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS

Ancient Coins - Numismatic Chronicle 1970 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS
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Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1970, lxvi, 438 pages, 24 photographic plates, well illustrated. Red cloth, fine condition.
Numismatic Chronicle is one of the most important journal on ancient and medieval numismatics. Very important article by Bluma L. Trell Architectura Numismatica Orientalis with 120 illustrations.

Some of the articles included:

Archibald, Marion M. Wyre Piddle (Worcs.) 1967 hoard of fifteenth-century silver coins.
Frier, Bruce W. Roman coins from the River Liri.
Allen, D. F. William Stukeley as a Numismatist
Clay, Curtis L. Nilus and the Four Seasons on a new as of Septimius Severus (Important!)
Bedoukian, Paul Z. A coin of Tigranes the Great of Armenia, struck in Commagene.
Hill, Philip V. The Bronze coinage of A. D. 103-111.
Hind, J. G. F. Istrian Faces and the River Danube : The Type of the Silver Coins of Istria.
Hendy, M. F. Michael IV and Harold Hardrada.
Metcalf, D. M. Interpretation of the Byzantine 'Rex Regnantium' Folles of Class 'A' c. 970-1030.
D. W. MacDowall and N. G. Wilson, 'The References to the Kushanas in the Periplus and Further Numismatic Evidence For Its Date (Kushan coins)
Lowick, N. M. Seljuq coins.
Mossop, J. C. An autonomous coin of Magydus in Pamphylia
Mitchell, Helen W. Fakhr al-Dunya and Nasir al-Dunya : Notes on two East African topics.
Murray, Joan E. L. Unpublished Scottish coins. V, Light groats and base groats of James III.
Pollard, J. G. Matthew Boulton and Conrad Heinrich Kchler.
Spaer, Arnold. A hoard from Jericho.
Sperber, Daniel. New light on the problem of demonetization in the Roman Empire.
Thompson, Wesley E. The Golden Nikai and the coinage of Athens.
Trell, Bluma L. Architectura Numismatica Orientalis : a short guide to the numismatic formulae of Roman Syrian die-makers.

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