Salonina (wife of Gallienus 253-268AD) Antoninianus - deer reverse

Ancient Coins - Salonina (wife of Gallienus 253-268AD) Antoninianus - deer reverse
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Obv: Bust of Salonina right - crescent below "COR SALONINA AVG"

Rev: Deer walking left "IVNONI CONS AVG"  Deer walking left "D" in exergue

This issue calls for the protection of Juno from the revolt of Aureolus.  It didn't work - Gallienus was killed by his own troops during this revolt.

RSC 14-16, RSC 69, RCV 10643

Sear lists the animal on the reverse as a doe.  A doe is a female deer and doesn't have antlers.   I have checked other examples of this issue - all have antlers.  So Mr. Sear and others seem to be off on this one...
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