Ancient misc. lot of 19 coins - mostly Greek

Ancient Coins - Ancient misc. lot of 19 coins - mostly Greek
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A bit of this and a bit of that.  Some just too weak to post seperately, some with problems.


Neapolis Campania Nomos but with heavy horn silver - scratches where removal was attempted.  The obverse isn't too bad...
Seleucid Kingdom - Drachm of one of the Antiochos'.   Horn silver on the reverse that obscures the monograms.  The obverse is quite nice
Bactrian kingdom - Menander - filed edges - appears to be authentic - probably ex jewelry.
Republic denarius - a bit beat up but presentable
Miletos 1/12 stater - odd style - probably a modern fake - interesting
A couple unidentified silver "coins" and an indian AE
Six greek AE
Five low grade late roman bronze

Added Sept 07:
Two Roman Antoninianus - Valerian and Gordian III
Byzantine AE
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