ROHILLAS: Faizullah Khan Silver rupee in name of Shah Alam II, Muhammadnagar, RY 12. UNPUBLISHED and CHOICE!


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Obverse Legend, with AH date (11)86 and flag control mark
Reverse Legend, including mint name Muhammadnagar Tanda and RY 12
Date RY 12 = 1770-71 CE
Weight 10.98 gm.
Diameter 23 mm.
Die axis 5 o'clock
Reference Variety of KM 136.1 (Awadh)
This coin is an unpublished variety of KM 136.1 (Awadh). Faizullah Khan had gained control of a large swath of territory north of the Ganges valley and it seems he replaced the cross control mark of Awadh with a flag or pennant. The RY 12 is not recorded, nor is the mint name Muhammadnagar for Tanda.
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