INDIA, KADAMBAS of BANAVASI: Anepigraphic potin unit, conch type. RARE and CHOICE!


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Obverse Conch within dotted border
Reverse Blank
Date c. 6th century
Weight 0.15 gm.
Diameter 10 mm.
Reference K. Ganesh: Coins of Banavasi 5.51-5.58
Comments The Kadambas of Banavasi were the first Kannadiga family to rule in Karnataka and the first to use the Kannada script on their inscriptions. Their coins, which also use Kannada letters, were unknown until a find was made in 2006. These coins have been definitively attributed to the Kadambas because they not only have various Kadamba symbols, such as conches and chakras, but one of the epithets on the coins, sri dosharashi is known from inscriptions to have been used by the Kadamba king Krishnavarma II (ruled 516-540). More coins and some more background can be seen at the Kadambas of Banavasi page on the CoinIndia website.

The hoard contained uniface anepigraphic coins of three general types: lotuses, chakras, and conches, all attributes sacred to Lord Vishnu. The conch types all seem to be on smaller flans and have a lower weight; perhaps they were a lower denomination. This is a particularly CHOICE specimen.
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