INDIA, PANCHALA, Agnimitra AE 1/16 karshapana, UNLISTED and CHOICE!


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Obverse Pedestal with three vertical symbols: lamp, flame and sun
Reverse Three Panchala symbols in a row, with name below in Brahmi script: Agnimitrasa
Date c. 1st century BCE - 1st century CE (highly uncertain)
Weight 0.51 gm.
Diameter 10 mm.
Die axis 11 o'clock
Reference MAC ---, Shrimali Type F (but half weight)
Comments The Panchala series is one of the most interesting of the ancient India coin series, because it is quite long and the kings are named on them. Unfortunately, we know very little about the chronology. The order of kings is not known and even the dates of the series are still debated. It appears the series belongs in the post-Mauryan period, but further details are still unavailable.

Agnimitra's coins normally have an image of Agni on the obverse, but this type only has a symbolic representation of the lord of fire. Mitchiner does not list the type at all; Shrimali (History of Panchala) shows the type but his examples are a double weight to this coin. Decent specimen for the type, showing the obverse, Panchala symbols, and legend.

You can see a catalog of Panchala coins on the CoinIndia website.

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