PARTHIA, MITHRADATES IV (140 CE) Silver drachm, Ecbatana, Sell 82.1. SCARCE & SUPERB!


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Obverse Bare-headed, diademed bust of king left, with long pointed beard, wearing torque, dotted border around
Reverse King (Arsakes I?) seated right on throne, holding bow, blundered Greek legend around, top line Aramaic legend reading King Mithradates, AT monogram (for Ecbatana) under bow.
Date 140 CE
Weight 3.76 gm.
Diameter 18 mm.
Die axis 2 o'clock
Reference Sellwood 82.1, Shore 425
Comments Note the new feature of this coinage: the King's personal name in Aramaic at the top of the reverse.

From my personal collection, ex-Tom Mallon collection. Published on his website, The Coins and History of Asia, the first coin (as of April 2009) under Mithradates IV:

This coin is also published on the website, the third coin under Mithradates IV: .
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