INDIA, KINGS of SAMATATA: Vira Jadamarah Gold dinar, 2nd century. VERY RARE + SUPERB!


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Obverse Kanishka-style King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left,holding trident in left hand, unclear Brahmi legend around: Jadamaraha ?
Reverse Ardochsho or Nana style Goddess standing right, nimbate, holding protome of animal, Brahmi legend at left: Vira Jadamarah, tamgha at right
Date c. 2nd-3rd CE
Weight 6.61 gm.
Diameter 21 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference Mitchiner Land of Water 22
Comments The Vira Jadamarah coinage seems to follow the Kanishka imitation coins, or may be contemporaneous with them, but issued further east. When Mitchiner wrote his book, Land of Water, in 2000, he noted that only two Vira Jadamarah coins were known. Since then, a few more have appeared, but they are still extremely rare. This is a particularly SUPERB specimen, much better than the few that have appeared at auction.
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