INDIA, HYDERABAD, Mir Usman Ali Khan (1911-48) Second Series Silver 4 annas (1/4 rupee), Hyderabad, AH 1362, RY 33. SUPERB!


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Obverse Front view of Charminar, with the letter ain (in isolate letter form) in the doorway, legends around, AH date 1362 below
Reverse Central circle with denomination numeral 4a (4 annas), legend around, including RY date 33 and mint name Hyderabad
Date AH 1362 (= 1943-44 CE)
Weight 2.72 gm.
Diameter 20 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference KM Y61
Comments The second series of Mir Usman Ali Khan was introduced in AH 1361 with the denomination featured prominently in the center of the reverse. Note the fine detail on this SUPERB specimen!
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