INDIA, HYDERABAD, Afzal ad-Daula (1857-69) Silver 1/4 rupee ino Asaf Jah, Hyderabad, AH 1279. UNLISTED DATE and CHOICE!


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Obverse Legend, including AH date 1279
Reverse Legend
Date AH 1279 (= 1862-63 CE)
Weight 2.79 gm.
Diameter 15-16 mm.
Die axis 1 o'clock
Reference KM Y4 (unlisted date)
Comments Until AH 1275, Afzal ad-Daula issued coins in the name of the Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah. But in that year, the fiction of Mughal vassalage was finally abandoned and coins were issued in the name of Asaf Jah, Nizam-ul-Mulk, the founder of the Nizami line.

KM does not list 1279 among the dates for the 1/4 rupee. The 1/4 rupees are scarcer than the full rupees anyway.
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